25 February 2024


Warsaw European Open 2024


It was announced earlier this month that Daniel Gürschner, 1998 European Champion and coach of Germany, has been officially named Head Coach of Norway. With a plethora of experience spanning almost 20 years, an exciting new challenge awaited him in Scandinavia and today marked his debut for Team Norway.

Now hailing from Oslo, Gürschner was looking forward to being mat-side, seeing great potential in this younger generation of athletes. Used to coaching Olympic and European Champions, Gürschner knows exactly what it takes to be at the very top.

I started almost one month ago so I’m excited to start with this new project, I’ve already seen some potential there and now it is on us to build something special.

There isn’t a centre like I’m used to having in Germany and we need to build this unit, the cadets, juniors and seniors all train together. Already, there are two cats that I’m quite interested in, and their volume of training is quite high so they are prepared for what I do! For this year, our focus is really in the training to prepare them for the next year and the plan is to increase their volume every five weeks to get them up.

Of course now the vision is the LA Games in 2028, there are no overnight remedies but with potential already there, Gürschner is confident in their development.

We also have a woman in the -63kg category that I believe can be successful, she is out with injury at the moment but will be back competing at the end of the year.

All the best to Team Norway!

Author: Thea Cowen