Guidelines for Photographer

General Rules

Please upload only edited pictures in very good quality and only a selection of your best pictures. Take care for a good mix of male and female athletes and also the nationality (not only the home country).


Please check if the clock and timezone is correct on your camera. If you are using Lightroom (or similar software) please take care that you keep ALL metadata.


Format: only landscape, minimum 3.000 px (240dpi)

Draw – max. 10 (focus on the coaches, and the speakers)
Warm up – max 10 per day
Venue – max 5 total
Podium – group pictures

Group picture (close together)

Group picture (close together)

with and without VIP

with and without VIP

Portrait / Head shot (landscape or square format)

Portrait / Head shot (landscape or square format)

Notes: You are the main photographer on spot. Find the central position and give signals to the athletes that they have to watch to your camera.

Action pictures – max. 30 – 50 per day (elimination), all nations, focus on final block, ONLY THE BEST PICTURES!!
Final block: min. 2 pictures of all gold medallists, also pictures of coaches
Pictures of VIP (EJU and LOC)

Sponsors: 5 good pictures of each EJU sponsor.


After you have uploaded pictures please use and combine following tags:

Cups and Open: Day 1, Day 2, Draw, Warm-Up, Venue, Preliminary Round, Final Block, Podium, Weight Class (-48 kg, …), VIP, Staff,

Championships: also the weight class (-60 kg, +100 kg, …)

In our tag list (dropdown menu) you can find more tags.

NEW: Tagging Athletes

If you click on a picture (magnifier), the software will provide you suitable tags (yellow).
Please mark the name(s) of the athlete(s). The country code and mat will help you to find the correct tags.
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Time Schedule

Time for Uploading


max 1h


max 30 min

Gold Medalists (min 2 pictures of each)

 max 30 min

Player of the Day 

max 1h

Action Pictures

max 4h



Bad Examples

similar picture - please choose one good picture

similar picture – please choose one good picture

no action

no action

no faces and no good technique

no faces and no good technique

Example gallery – European Championships Sofia 2022


Select the picture and upload them
Tagging: mark the pictures, chose a tag and press ADD TAG

You can also delete a tag

mark pictures, chose a tag and press: DELETE TAG