4 November 2022


European Judo Championships of the Small States


Up until now, the prime European Championship events for the EJU have all been incredible and this weekend we will continue the celebration and the fight as we travel to Luxembourg for the European Judo Championships of the Small States.

EJU President Dr. László TÓTH stated,

Our two-day competition is also a milestone in the history of the European Judo Union and I truly believe that this event will allow us to create a tradition for the years to come which can inspire the current athletes to work and train even harder to get closer to their dreams and inspire the future generations to choose judo as their sport and their way of life.

In the Sports Hall D’Coque, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Cyprus, Malta, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein and hosts Luxembourg will compete for the European titles in the cadet and senior categories tomorrow, with the team event taking place on Sunday.

President of the Luxembourg Judo Federation, Serge SCHAUL is looking forward to hosting the first event of this type.

Luxembourg has the great honour to organise the first European Judo Championships for the Small States. It is a great opportunity for the small countries to compete with each other, as we small federations often do not have a large number athletes who can fight at the highest level. We would like to thank our friends from the other small countries for the good cooperation and with their help are convinced that these European Championships will be a great success.

One of the athletes is fresh from the Perth Oceania Open in Australia, Isaac BEZZINA of Malta took the first medal for his country on the tour, a historic moment for his nation and he will be looking for glory this weekend in the -100kg category.

The cadets are currently scheduled for a preliminary start of 09:00 (local time) for the cadet and 14:00 for the senior athletes, final blocks of 12:00 and 17:00 respectively.


Author: Thea Cowen