9 January 2023


Mittersill EJU OTC 2023


The international judo scene is meeting this week in AUSTRIA, more precisely in MITTERSILL. 781 judoka from 50 nations will complete a total of 30 training sessions by January 17th. Host Austria has the largest contingent with 86 active participants – above all the Olympic medal winners Michaela POLLERES and Shamil BORCHASHVILI. Not only the quantity, but also the quality is impressive: 7 world ranking first, 5 current world champions and 14 Olympic champions are on the mat in the Sporthotel Kogler. The “Olympic Training Camp Mittersill” is experiencing its 29th edition and is considered the best manned judo training camp in the world. “Everything is going according to plan so far, the first training sessions have already been completed,” confirms local organizer Ali GMEINER.

“Mittersill is a must for every Austrian judoka. It feels like the whole judo family is a guest in the Pinzgau, with every Randori unit you can choose your training partner from a wealth of world-class people. The intensity of the units is extremely high,” says ÖJV head coach Yvonne SNIR-BÖNISCH. The ÖJV has 7 coaches on site, plus 14 state association trainers.

Latest news from host Austria: Wachid BORCHASHVILI, younger brother of Olympic medalist Shamil Borchashvili, has decided to return to the -81kg weight class. I’m a few percent short of muscle mass compared to the top guys in the 90’s category. That won’t be enough for a place in the sun.”

The Borchashvili brothers are now fighting in the same weight class again. “This decision makes 100 percent sense for Wachid. In the category – 81 kg he certainly has better chances of top rankings. The fact that we are now opponents cannot be changed. I can’t wait to see when we meet for the first time. Maybe even at the home Grand Prix in Linz,” says Shamil Borchashvili. “It was a joint family decision. My brothers persuaded me to take this step. And for me, too, the lighter weight class feels better,” says Wachid. First goal: “I have to be among the top 100 in the world rankings by May to be able to compete at the World Championships in Doha.”

Does the 24-year-old think he has a chance of winning against his successful brother? “I can do that in training. But Shamil is a competitive type – he is definitely the stronger of the two of us.” ÖJV head coach Yvonne Bönisch comments appreciatively: “Wachid makes an excellent impression on me, he is very fast and technically strong, i.e. definitely competitive.”


Author: EJU Media