3 October 2009

Hungary wins first European title

Hungary wins first European title

Hungary has won the first ever European team title on Saturday in Miskolc. In the final the host country beat Russia by 3-2 after Hungary took a decisive lead of 3-0 in its first three matches.

Russia won the title in the women’s category beating both France and Hungary by 4-1. In both matches the first three weight categories were won by the Rusian women Kuzyutina, Zabludina and Koval/Labazina.
Russia was able to beat France who won six of the last seven European Team Championships.

Below you can find the results of the European Team Championships.

Contests Men:
UKR – ROU 4:1
UKR – HUN 1:4
ROU – HUN 2:3
RUS – FRA 4:1

Bronze: UKR – FRA 1:4
Final: HUN – RUS 3:2

Contests Women:
RUS – FRA 4:1
HUN – FRA 2:3
HUN – RUS 1:4

Final Results Men:
1. HUN
2. RUS
3. FRA

Final Results Women:
1. RUS
2. FRA
3. HUN