28 August 2020



The return to competitive judo and the IJF tour has been greatly anticipated, now we can announce the intentions of the International Judo Federation.

President of the IJF, Mr Marius Vizer, informed all IJF Member National Federations this week that the return to the tatami for our professional athletes is not too far in the distance. 

There is every intention to reintroduce the world tour by the end of October 2020, starting with the Budapest Grand Slam. It has been decided that the Tokyo Grand Slam will follow in December, and the Qatar Master will go ahead in January 2021. 

Of course these are all decisions which are subject to the ever-changing health situations and the IJF can choose to postpone or cancel events in locations which have deteriorating conditions. Mr Vizer has been clear,

IJF published a health protocol with clear and strict safety guidelines which will be mandatory for all participants during the event. Our intention is to give the judokas the opportunity to return on the mat and in the competition venue, in the safest environment.

These decisions have been approved by the International Olympic Committee in line with the published health protocols but the IJF will decide the qualification status of each event dependent on attendance. As we continue in to uncertain times, it is impossible to predict the future potential for these events, but with the possibility in place, it is a step in the right direction for our judoka. 

Author: Thea Cowen