3 February 2022


"Improve Your Club" Seminar


Last weekend while the judo community were watching their screens for the Grand Prix in Portugal, the EJU were delivering an ‘Improve Your Club’ (IYC) seminar in the Republic of North Macedonia. With the goal to improve education to coaches and athletes all over the continent, this is one of the ways in which the EJU can help deliver expert knowledge to their nations. 

The president of the Judo Federation of North Macedonia, Vladimir Trpanoski was very happy with the seminar. 

What encouraged the federation to host the IYC seminar? 

I have focused all my activities on improving judo in the Republic of North Macedonia, by contacting the President of the IJF Mr. Marius Vizer and the President of the EJU Mr.Sergey Soloveychik, at which meetings it was agreed to include and intensify our federation in the judo education projects such as ‘Improve Your Club’ and ‘Judo in Schools’.

It was the first of the seminars of 2022, do you feel it was a big help for your coaches?

The ‘Improve Your Club’ seminar was organised by JFSM under the auspices of EJU with experts  Frédéric Demontfaucon 7 DAN and EJU Vice President Jane Bridge 8 DAN , who unreservedly shared their knowledge and thus encouraged the coaches to continue the education, especially focusing on children 8-14 years old , through play and fun, to upgrade the education and development of club coaches. As well as new methods for successful training processes in the clubs and the national teams, and with additional education of national coaches who are responsible to create top athletes in judo sport, as a basic foundation for creating future judo competitors and national team members.

What was the feedback from those who participated?

All coaches and participants in this seminar were thrilled by the judo experts Frédéric and Jane who presented a unique set of techniques that serve as support for the seminar ‘Improve Your Club’, focused on children aged 8-14. A complete range of techniques with progression from ukemi to ne waza, which have been put in function for educating the coaches.

How important is it to have these seminars delivered?

Holding educational seminars is of fundamental importance for judo, where JFSM coaches will be able to share experiences and new information with EJU experts on new methods in training processes and on improving the clubs’ work and how to create good judoka as competitors and national team members. And last, but not least, how to make them better people, who will represent this sport in all areas with dignity.

Was this especially important following the onset of the pandemic? 

Given the fact that we were all affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, it is of great importance to restore the will of the competitors, coaches and national team members to be actively involved in the training process in order to create good results and excellence, but above all to be in good health and fit, and without bodily injuries.

If you would like to organise an IYC seminar in your country or region, the EJU are readily available with experts. The details of the activity can be found here. Contact the Head of this EJU activity, EJU expert, Mr. Hiroshi Katanishi or the Education sector to arrange a seminar in your nation.

Author: Thea Cowen