19 May 2024


World Championships Seniors (Individual+Teams)


Judo insiders have known her since last year at the latest, when 17-year-old Tara BABULFATH (SWE) won bronze at the Under-18 World Championships in Zagreb (CRO). Now, 12 months later, she is the first Swede to win a world championship medal on Seniors level since 1986 and has secured her starting place for the Olympics.

Tara just learnt that there have only been a total of three world championship medals in Swedish judo so far. “Of course it’s cool. It shows that I’m on the right track and successful,” smiles Tara. Everyone around her is surprised by the 18-year-old’s meteoric rise. Except the shooting star herself: “I’ve always believed in myself, including that I’m good for a world championship medal and that I can qualify for the Olympics. My parents were wrestlers at the Olympics, I grew up on the mat. I’ve wanted to go to Summer Games as a judoka for as long as I can remember.” Like others want to go to dance school…
No sooner said than done. The next competition will be the Olympic Games in Paris. “I’m going to soak up every moment, I’m already looking forward to all the experiences. And I’m certainly just a young outsider who is hungry for success, nothing more.”
After a short pause for reflection, Sweden’s shooting star adds confidently: “Even in the semi-final today I had the feeling that I could beat Assunta Scutto (ITA). The defeat hurts a little. On the other hand, I’m looking forward to my next encounter with her. I want to turn the tables then!”

Why not in Paris?

Author: EJU Media