23 December 2015


Ukemi Lessons at School


The International Olympic Committee has awarded Croatian Judo Federation for the Sport and Innovation for the project “Judo in school” on Monday

On the initiative of the Croatian Judo Federation, supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, judo was implemented in 150 elementary schools of a total of 600 in Croatia with an own Sports Hall. Judo was presented as regular and after school subject. Judo was recognized as the outstanding international Olympic sport which demonstrates high sports achievements.

The motive for this project was Judo as educational method. Not only to improve the motor and the functional abilities of children, but also increase self-confidence, the acquisition of control and self-control, strengthening concentration, adoption of ethical principles and a healthy lifestyle as well as the prevention of bullying at school or on the street. The Project is innovative in its form and method. 

The Croatian Judo Federation project “Judo in schools”, thanks the teachers in the schools, volunteers and coaches. This project is beyond the limits of an enthusiastic club action in a national project within the service of education and sports education of young generations of the Croatian society. 

With the introduction of this attractive martial arts, the Croatian School Sports Federation successfully held two Croatian School Championship in judo together with the Croatian Judo Federation . The Results of satisfaction surveys and effects of judo for the children have shown positive results and given encouragement to continue the project. The results show, that this project of the Croatian Judo Federation substantially offset the unfavorable limit of children involved in the sport activities at school, which is the key objective of this innovative project.