24 April 2024


EJU Kids Camp 2024


Thursday will not only bring the first day of the European Judo Championships Seniors Zagreb 2024 but the opening day of the EJU Kids Camp 2024, held also in Zagreb. Over 1100 children from 30 countries will join in unity to learn and to share their knowledge.

Each day of the camp will be divided into two sections, a morning judo session and an afternoon session filled with several activities such as Fair play workshop and creative DIY ventures. Children will also be exposed to demonstrative exercises with the rescue services to learn how to react in an emergency such as flood, earthquake and fire.

Moreover, all attendees will have the opportunity to share the tatami with Olympic and world medallists such as Rustam ORUJOV, Nuno DELGADO and KARAKAS Hedvig. All three champions are very excited with the latter being a returning visitor.

This is the second time I have received an invitation for the kids camp. During last year’s Zagreb Grand Prix I also took part at the camp. It is a quite busy season with the World Judo Tour but I would like to represent the mission of the International Judo Federation as and when I can, to spread our judo values and inspire generations. I believe that the values carried by judo are also crucial for our modern society. I am look forward to returning to the camp as I am always honoured to pass on all my knowledge.

Author: Szandra Szogedi