13 June 2023


European Judo Championships Kata


The President of The Kodokan, Mr. UEMURA Haruki is presently observing the European Judo Championships Kata Podcetrtek 2023. Sensei Uemura visited the Kata World Championships many times, however, it is the first time that the European Judo Union welcomed him at the prime event of Kata contestants. Mr Uemura expressed his thoughts on the two-day event. 

I am very happy to know that there is a record number of participants at this tournament. I am very happy to see this high number of participants. Personally, Kata is close to my heart, it is the principle of judo. Sometime people just focus on the form only but inside this form there is a principle. 

According to Kano Shihan there are four method of judo training: Kata, Randori, Kogi and Mondo. Through Kata practice, people can study the principle of judo. In randori, people can use code of discipline into their training. Kogi means lecture and via, people can understand and acquire knowledge. Finally, Mondo, it’s a discussion or monolog and through such, people study the ability to think. 

So Kata is very important in order to understand the principle and basic knowledge of judo. It is not about the forms as much as it is about the principles, basic movement and the procedure of bow, steps and how to fall.  To give you an example, in Nage No Kata, there is no Osoto gari. Through Nage No Kata, people can understand how to get the proper form and proper principle and this principle can then connect to the Osoto gari afterwards. So, overall, I am very happy to see that participants are taking kata practice seriously and I hope this continues. 

As per the quality of the event I am confident to say that I can see good development. Part of it is because of the amount of study put into and I hope that the effort towards that likewise continues. The CARE system is also a very good idea and addition to this development. Using the knowledge of the supervisor is very important too. 

Tomorrow, following a long break, Kodokan Seminar will be hosted in Europe once again, where Mr Uemura, alongside other Kodokan experts will be supporting the function. 

I am excited to take part in the Kodokan seminars again. It has been a while. The focus during this seminar will be on Riai, in other words the fundamental of judo, the underlying principles behind techniques: kuzushi, tsukuri and kake. Other Kodokan experts will come and teach Riai properly and we hope every will enjoy it.

Author: Szandra Szogedi