3 April 2024


Sarajevo European Judo Hopes Cup & Technical Session Kodokan Experts


The newly established European Judo Hopes Cup & Technical Session Kodokan Experts is a great way to bring all enthusiastic 13 and 14-year-old judoka together and onto their very own EJU tour. The first edition will be held in Sarajevo from 20-21 April. This two-day event made of a competition and technical session, both which, all participants are required to attend. One of our first guest to join the expert team is Tokyo 2020 Olympic bronze medallist, Maria CENTRACCHIO who is excited to inspire the next generation;

First of all, it is a big honour for me to be part of this new European tour in order to inspire and support the new generation.

I think that this new concept is the reflection of the will to prepare the younger people both on the competitive and technical side. I think that is very important to keep focused on the learning process and this new way, in which competition and seminar are both included. It will be a perfect match to study and enjoy. Young judoka will have the opportunity to have fun fighting on the mat at the European level but also the time to work and learn all together.

In my opinion, at this age it is very important to learn the basics of judo: the right way of movement, the principles of the judo techniques, the right interactions with uke but also, of course, the values of our beautiful discipline, in order to be better both in judo and in life.

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All participants and delegates must be registered for this event in the JudoManager registration system. Existing JudoManager users (club administrators) can log into the system using their current account (either guest or club account). To request a new account, please visit https://admin.judomanager.com/guest and complete the form to gain access. Once your account is confirmed, you will be able to register athletes/coaches. Deadline for Registration is Friday, April 05th 2024. Those who miss the registration date can be added to the competition as late entry but the penalty of €60 (additionally to the €50 participation fee) has to be paid on spot.

Author: Szandra Szogedi