21 April 2012

Italian domination in the 5th EJU Kata Tournament in Pordenone

Italian domination in the 5th EJU Kata Tournament in Pordenone

Net supremacy of Italy in the fifth EJU Kata Tournament in Pordenone, who has won four of five gold medals and 11 of the 15 medals on offer.

It was the couple composed by Belgian brothers Jean Philippe and Nicolas Gilon to prevent the Italian en plain by winning the first place in the nage no kata. The surprise for Italy came into the Kodokan Goshin Jitsu, where Marco Dotta and Marco Durigon were able to do better than most favored Spanish Verana Jesus Fernandez and Maximo Gonzalez.

Success in other kata for Katia Scapazzoni and Sofia Roncone (kime), Elio Paparello and Nicola Ripandelli (katame), Antonio Mavilia and Giovanni Tomarchio (ju no). Success for the camp which was held after the competition, it was directed by Pierluigi Comino and has reported the presence a hundred of specialists on the mat.

Nage no kata
1) Jean Philippe Gilon-Nicolas Gilon (BEL)
2) Alessandro Furchì-Michele Battorti (ITA)
3) Claudio Fontana-Fabio Parnigoni (ITA)

Kime no kata
1) Katia Scapazzoni-Sofia Roncone (ITA)
2) Riccardo Terrasi-Giovanni Gandolfo (ITA)
3) Lucio Luceri-Luigi Zito (ITA)

Katame no kata
1) Elio Paparello-Nicola Ripandelli (ITA)
2) Stephane Cano-Frederic Rouhet (FRA)
3) Micaela Costa-Andrea Sudetti (ITA)

Ju no kata
1) Antonio Mavilia-Giovanni Tomarchio (ITA)
2) Marco Calugi-Martina Calugi (ITA)
3) Emmanuel Wirtz-Armelle Voindrot (FRA)

Goshin jitsu
1) Marco Dotta-Marco Durigon (ITA)
2) Jesus Verana Fernandez-Maximo Gonzalez (ESP)
3) Enzo-Calà-Fabio Polo (ITA)

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