25 April 2010

Italy enjoys gold medal success at women Team event

Italy enjoys gold medal success at women Team event

The Italian women have won the gold medal in the final match against Poland by 4:1. Italy showed a superb dominance which included Olympic Champion of Beijing, Giulia Quintavalle, against Malgorzata Bielak, with a great harai-goshi she scored a wazari and immediately after that countered on Poland’s uchi mata and scoring an ippon.
Talented youngster, and current silver medalist of this European individual Championship, Edwige Gwend, won a fight against Monika Chroscielewska, showing a lot better shape and caused her opponent three shido, what was more than enough for a comfortable win.

Italian final team : Rosalba Forciniti (-52kg), Giulia Quintavalle (-57kg), Edwige Gwend (-63kg), Erica Barbieri (-70kg), Assunta Galeone (+70kg).

Polish final team : Marta Kuban (-52kg), Malgorzata Bielak (-57kg), Monika Chroscielewska (-63kg), Katarzyna Klys (-70kg), Ursula Sadkowska (+70kg).

16-Time European women’s team Champion France, had to be satisfied with a bronze medal. In the bronze medal match France defeated Great Britain by 4:1.
In the category -57kg, current World Champion Morgane Ribout, threw Connie Ramsay for ippon. Ribout beat 22-year-old Ramsay showing a great uchi-mata.

Ukraine was better with a score of 3:2 over Spain and won its second bronze medal. Anna Nikitina showed beautiful ashi-waza techniques against Concepcion Bellorin (ESP), throwing her opponent on sasae-tsurikomi-ashi for an ippon.

France final team : Penelope Bonna (-52kg), Morgane Ribout (-57kg), Gevrise Emane (-63kg), Mylene Chollet (-70kg), Lucie Louette (+70kg).

Ukraine final team : Tetyana Lusnikova (-52kg), Anna Nikitina (-57kg), Svetlana Chepurina (-63kg), Nataliya Smal (-70kg), Svitlana Yaromka (+70kg).