23 September 2012

Japan three times gold at the Kata World Championships in Pordenone

Japan three times gold at the Kata World Championships in Pordenone

Japan has confirmed its supremacy reaching three times the gold medal, Michito Sakamoto–Takayuki Yokoyama (Nage), Satoshi Nakayama–Seiji Hayashi (Katame), Etsuko Yokoyama–Chigusa Omori (Ju no). Great results came also from Italy thanks to Ilaria Sozzi and Marta Frittoli competing in the Ju No Kata who won the silver medal and Andrea Fregnan and Stefano Moregola who conquered the bronze medal in the Katame No Kata.

Japan won three gold medals confirming its leadership whereas Italy conquered a silver and bronze medals followed by South Korea and Germany who managed to gain both silver medal. France and Rumania won a bronze medal each.

Many came to see the champions of Judo world Kata and had the opportunity to admire the most important athletes practicing this fascinating discipline.

First day classement
Nage no kata: 1) Michito Sakamoto–Takayuki Yokoyama (JPN); 2) Lee Sun Hyung–Jo Min Ho (KOR); 3) Iulian Surla–Aurelian Fleisz (ROU)

Katame no kata: 1) Satoshi Nakayama–Seiji Hayashi (JPN); 2) Sebastian Frey–Chow Sei Kam (GER); 3) Andrea Fregnan–Stefano Moregola (ITA)

Ju no kata: 1) Etsuko Yokoyama–Chigusa Omori (JPN); 2) Ilaria Sozzi–Marta Frittoli (ITA); 3) Emmanuel Wirtz–Armelle Voindrot (FRA)

Medal table
1) JPN (3-0-0)
2) ITA (0-1-1)
3) KOR, GER (0-1-0)
5) ROU, FRA (0-0-1)

Sensei Gavino Piredda, black belt 6th Dan, dressed as an old samurai, welcomed the 400 students coming from the schools of Pordenone who joined the event. The armour dates back to 16th century, is very heavy and has a great value. Tomorrow at 2 p.m Sensei Piredda will demonstrate the Koshiki No Kata in cooperation with Monica Piredda. On Monday morning he is going to meet the students of the schools of Pordenone with the aim to introduce them to the “samurai art” and taste the typical dishes of Japanese culture.

Watch photos of the championships here:

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