15 January 2024



After long consultations with all relevant bodies, clubs and the National Olympic Committee, the European Judo Union and clarifications from the International Judo Federation, I am very happy to see the results of this project. The Judo Samband Íslands (JSÍ) players agreement is a step forward towards professionalism.

Explains acting President of the National Judo Federation of Iceland, Mr. Ari Sigfússon 

Mr. Sigfússon further recommends that clubs and its members in Iceland use the agreement for the elite programme as this is common in many countries. With that, they have provided a solution to those who wish to participate in other combat sports. It is understood to be fair, and in line with IJF statutes, where cadets, juniors and seniors can compete at the nationals, collect points for the local club ranking system but cannot be selected for the national team. The support from EJU, IJF and the JSÍ will be invested into players who focus solely on judo. 

L-R: Chief Executive Officer of JSÍ, Dr. Georgios Bountakis and acting President, Mr. Ari Sigfússon.     © Dr. Georgios Bountakis

This shows how seriously we have taken the support from the European and International Judo Federation”, Mr Sigfússon concluded. 

The following three judoka will be supported for the year of 2024: Karl STEFÁNSSON, Hrafn ARNARSSON, Kjartan Logi HREIÐARSSON. We will see the team collectively in action first at the Lisbon Grand Prix next weekend. 

Author: Szandra Szogedi