11 June 2017


Safe Fall and Utilitarian Judo Projects


EJU Vice President and responsible of the EJU Education Sector, Mrs. Jane Bridge-Charlot was in Eastbourne, United Kingdom, this month on the campus of the University of Brighton. The purpose of the visit was to support the projects “Safe Fall” and “Utilitarian Judo”, presented by the University of Seville. 

These projects made in collaboration with the Andalusia Judo Federation, the University of Seville and the EJU have been developed following statements from the World Health Organisation (WHO) that accidents from falling cause 424.000 deaths per year and incurs many more injuries particularly amongst the younger and older age groups. The projects focus on prevention, management and after effects of falling. Both, the practical and theoretical presentations were appreciated by students and teachers alike.

Chris Doherty, technical officer representing the British Judo Association said,

“Two well thought and innovative modules on how judo principles and techniques can be used in ways other than sport to help prevent accidental falls and improve the quality of life in all ages of society.”

The instigator of this visit was Mr. Alex Channing, Senior Lecturer in PE and Sports studies at the University of Brighton. With a background in Sociology, Mr Channing has particular interests in Martial Arts and Combat Sports and has done numerous studies in these areas (Global Perspective on Women in Combat Sports).

Mrs Bridge said, 

“We, the EJU, firmly support the projects of Safe Fall and Utilitarian Judo and are happy to be in collaboration with the University of Seville and Andalusia Judo Federation. The two projects are completely in keeping with our vision of judo which is that of a physical education and social system. Presented in this way the projects can contribute to reduce severity of falls especially in these sensitive age groups.”