14 May 2014

Judo Festival in Antalya started

Judo Festival in Antalya started

The first EJU Judo Festival is underway in the Mediterranean coastal city of Antalya. Turkey’s biggest international sea resort welcomed judoka from all over the world. This unique event includes a whole host of judo activities. The first activity on this ten day festival program is a high performance Olympic training camp for elite athletes. More than 400 athletes from 40 countries took to the tatami to hone their skills and practice in high quality conditions.

The EJU’s team of judo experts has also gathered here and they met for the first day of a week-long intensive workshop. The focus of the team this week is primarily a project entitled „ Improve your club“. This program aims to provide coaches with exciting, new and innovative ways of introducing judo to young people whilst at the same time maintaining interest levels in the sport.

There will be regular updates and you can find out more about the festival and the EJU’S projects by visiting our website.

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