1 December 2021



Sochi, the host of the Olympic Winter Games 2014 is well known for the existing judo training centre and home of the Russian National Team.

At the moment they are working on a new big sport complex for Judo and Sambo. The Martial Arts Academy is an iconic sports centre aimed at the development of judo in Russia.

The vocation of the Academy is not only the preparation of future champions, but also the popularization of sports and a healthy lifestyle among young people.

Exhibition Hall

One part of the new complex is a 1000 m2 Judo and Sambo museum. A visit to the exhibition hall of the Academy will add to the impression of a new sports facility. In the modern stylish interactive space, the visitor learns about the history of Judo.

The visitor will learn about the history of Judo, see the unique exhibits of trophies and judoka, will be imbued with the spirit and philosophy of the fight.

The exhibition will give more than a century of history regarding the establishment of judo, their roots and differences, as well as about the founder Jigoro Kano, former and current champions and eminent people who have made a great contribution to the development of these sports.

The new Judo museum is located close to the Black Sea and the opening is planned for the end of 2022.



The Russian Judo Federation (RJF) is looking for historical exhibits related to judo to display them at the Judo museum in Sochi. Those wishing to provide exhibits, please contact the RJF.

Olympic, World and European medals (they will do a copy)
Historic pictures (Russia Judoka, Kodokan, …)
Pictures or video footage of Jigoro Kano
Medals and trophies of international tournaments

Project Description (in Russian)

Author: Sören Starke