19 April 2016


European Judo Championships 2016 Kazan - Russia


1 – The number of time Russia held European Judo Championships. This was in 2012 in Chelyabinsk.

3 – The number of gold Russia won during the team championships for each gender. Three gold won by male and three gold won by the female team too.

3 – The number of World Champions will be participating at the tournament.

4 – The number of Olympic Champions will be participating at the tournament.

5 – The estimated number of nations which will participate with a full team during the upcoming weekend. This means they have entered with the maximum of 9 male and 9 female competitors.

– The number of TV channels whom are right holders and will be at present during the 2016 Judo Europeans. These are from the following countries: France (2 channels), Hungary, Georgia, The Netherlands and Russia. 

10 – The number of significant sporting events which took place in the city of Kazan.

11 – The number of athletes who will return to defend their title.

14 – The total number of individual gold medals will be given out throughout the individual tournament.

15  The number of countries will be transmitting the signals to view the #JudoKazan2016. 

17 – The number of Olympic medallist who will be competing throughout the weekend.

17 – The age of the youngest judoka amongst the male participants this weekend.

17 – The age of the youngest judoka amongst the female participants this weekend.

20 – The estimated amount of teams to participate during the team event.

24 – The number of cameras will be used to view all the actions. 

24 – The number of the basket holders whom will be assisting the athletes. All of these volunters are members of the Kazan Judo School.

38 – The age of the oldest male competitor who will be participating at the tournament.

39 – The age of the oldest female competitor who will be participating at the tournament.

46 – The number of countries to participate at the individual tournament.

48 – The number of gold medal Russia won amongst male and female athletes throughout the history of the Judo Europeans.

63 – The number of referees to take care of all the actions during the #JudoKazan2016.

100  The number of people who were involved in the preparation process of the 2016 European Judo Championships. 

148 – The total number of media accreditations has been requestied for this event amongst all the nations. 

160 – The amount of Olympic qualifying points will be given to the all bronze medalists. 

182 – The higher amount of gold medals won during the history of the European Judo Championships. The largest number of individual golden moments were taken by France.

240 – The amount of Olympic qualifying points will be given to the silver medallist. 

285  The stimanted number of officials to be present throughout the weekend.

300 – The price of the most expensive ticket for spectators, in rubles.

300 – The number of volunteers to take part in this event. They will be passing their support in two shifts every day. 

400 – The amount of Olympic qualifying points goes to the winner.   

400 – The estimated number of athletes to participate throughout the weekend during the individual tournament.

440 – The estimated number of contests will be viewed during the individual tournament.

500 – The estimated amount of kg food to be delivered in the hotels amongst all delegations.

712 – The estimated number of participant at the tournament, including athlete and coaches.

1352 – The number of lunch boxes were prepared for this event.

1951 – The year of the first ever European Judo Championships which was held in Paris, France. At this time, the tournament was only designed for male competitors.

1975 – The first time female judo athletes were able to join to participate at the European Judo Championships. This championship was held in Lyon, France.

2000 – The number of ‘echpochmak’ (a national dish in Russia) will be avaiable to enjoy for all who will be attending at the Europeans. 

2005 –  The year when the TatNeft Arena was open. It is the same place where the 2016 European Judo Championships will take place.

8700  The seating capacity of the TatNeft Arena. 

10000 – The amount of tickets has already been sold for the weekend. 

11422 – The number of members of the Kazan Volunteers official website. A channel which brings all the volunteers together for every significant event which is taking place in Kazan. 

26000 – The size of the TatNeft Arena in square meters. 

70000 – The amount of liters of water has been prepared in the venue for the weekend.