19 April 2017


European Judo Championships Warsaw 2017


The Press Conference for the 2017 European Judo Championships took place at the Courtyard by Marriott Warsaw Airport Hotel this afternoon. Eight distinguished guests were at present during the press conference. 

Sergey SOLOVEYCHIK – President European Judo Union

“I believe each federation of the EJU is able to organise European Championships for a high level. The president, Mr. Zawadka is a newly elected president and immediately after his election he started to organise this event. We [EJU Team] have been contact all the time and Mr. Zawadka has a strong team. Of course, we can only speak about the level once the competiton is over, but we can say now that there is a very good organisation and very good competition. I also would like to thank for the administarion of the city and ministry of sports for cooperation with our federation and the Polish Judo Association. I would like to wish them good luck.”

Renata KAZNOWSKA – Deputy of Warsaw

“The city council has been very generous in supporting this event. It is important that we assist the organisers in many ways. We focus on many aspects, not only financial aspect but also, during a big event like this, we must look at the transportation amendments in the city, and of course, we are focused on the promotion of the event too.”

Marcin NOWAK – Ministery of Sport and Tourism, Director for Extrem Sport

“The preliminary figures we spent was about PLN 350.000, but I want to highlight the fact that the Polish Judo Association is a very reliable partner and we can trust them with the organisation.”

Jacek ZAWADKA – President of Polish Judo Association

“We were able to organise everything and now the tournament can start. The time when we can actually summerise everything will be on Sunday and we are hoping that the European Judo Union will be happy with the level of organisation and everything else. If everything is going well we are ready to plan organising a World Championships too.”

Katarzyna KLYS (POL) -70kg

“I aimed for a medal in Rio, which unfortenely didn’t turn out the way I wanted it and the original plan was to stop competing after the Rio Olympics. When I learned that the European Championships will be in Warsaw, I thought this will be a perfect time and place to have my farewell tournament to thank to all my fans and supporters.”

Piotr KUCZERA (POL) -90kg

“The preapartion went really well and all the control matches went well, my coach was very happy too. So in terms of results, well its open, but I will spare no effort to succeed and I will do everything to win.”

Frank DE WITT (NED) -81kg

“In regards to my approach to Tokyo 2020, I think this time I will have a chance to focus on winning an Olympic medal. During the last cycle, I didn’t even think of Olympics until my Paris Grand Slam bronze medal in 2015. That was the moment when Rio 2016 crossed my mind for the first time, and so I rushed to qualify and by the time I needed to be on the mat winning in Rio, I was exhausted. This time around, I am hoping to secure my qualification well on time so that I can spend my preparation in focus of an Olympic medal.”

Pawel NASTULA – Polish Judo Association Coach Expert

“The message I would leave for the younger generation is that the day is what is important. We have to think about the actual day, what is on the day, because we can win against anyone, Olympic or World Champion; but the most important is that our heart is in the fight and we believe in ourselves.”