18 December 2023



The National Judo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the host of the European Judo Championships Kata 2024 as well as the Kodokan Kata Seminar 2024. With that in mind, the country has been vigorously working on the development of Kata activities for several years. Several seminars were held in different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina by number of people, including EJU Head Kata Commissioner, Slaviša BRADIĆ, who is rather impressed with the pool of judoka he had the opportunity to work with; 

After the performance of the national team at the European Championship in Rijeka and Podčetrket, Bosnia and Herzegovina strengthened its status amongst the countries that have quality and talented competitors and excellent judo masters.

The hard work paid off when the country organised their first Kata nationals, which was held in Mostar in corporation with Judo club “Neretva”, under the leadership of Mr. Majo CESKO and the support of the national judo federation.

On the first day, with the help of the EJU Kata Commission, a seminar was held for Kata judges led by Mr. Igor ALBREHT.The seminar was attended by future national kata judges, coaches and competitors. All participants of the seminar had a practical exam during the national championship.

The championship ran according to European standards for both, juniors and seniors. The tournament was held on two tatami where 32 couples competed between u13 to senior age from 10 different judo clubs. In addition, Azra DEDIĆ performed Katame-no-kata brilliantly under the special needs group.

In addition to the excellent organization, an experimental children’s kata festival also took place where over 30 young children demonstrated all kata judo techniques they had learned. This section was prepared by Mr. Bradic, who created a methodical work plan with coaches whom will be able transfer their knowledge to the children. 

The children’s festival is not focused on competition, but on excellence in the demonstration and performance of judo technique through kata. The children’s kata festival will begin to be held officially next year with the aim of educating trainers about the value and method of teaching judo kata, while on the second day they will pass on their knowledge to children and the children will demonstrate the knowledge they have learned. It should not be forgotten that Jigoro Kano’s original idea was that kata were created for beginners to learn basic techniques and judo principles.” – explained Mr. Bradic. 

He further added;

In conclusion, the fact that the National Judo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming another dimension and opportunity for the large judo population in this country is certainly pleasing. Therefore, the holding of the Kodokan kata seminar and the European Championship Kata next year will deservedly be held in Sarajevo.

Enjoy the highlights from the tournament and see you all in Bosnia next year!

Author: Szandra Szogedi