22 March 2023


Pordenone Kata Tournament 2023


For those competing in Kata tournaments, they will be thrilled to attending the wonderful Pordenone Tournament in Italy as the previous edition took place online during the Covid pandemic. The one-day event will take place this Saturday, 25th of March. 

The President of the Polisportiva Villanova, Franca BOLOGNIN ensures an enjoyable stay in Pordenone with the greatest interest in the event.

Dear Judo friends!
On behalf of Polisportiva Villanova it gives me great pleasure to welcome all participants, guests and spectators alike to the European Kata Tournament being held here in Pordenone, Italia.

Kata continues to play a central role in the World of Judo, requiring its practitioners to acquire considerable knowledge and understanding of the art of judo along with the ability to demonstrate a high degree of expertise in the stylised execution of judo waza. Over the course of this event we will have the honour to witness some of the greatest exponents of Kata and I take this opportunity to wish all the participants the very best of luck.

I am also sure that you all will enjoy your stay in Pordenone and get some nice memories.
Pordenone is known as a city that welcomes all sport competitions and events and city with a tradition of organizing different sport activities. Polisportiva Villanova, local sport association includes judo, in majority of their multisport events that promote them very well.

The beautiful province of Pordenone, an hour from Venice, hosted its first Kata event in 2010, the European Kata Championships and has since gone on to host both seminars and tournaments. On this occasion, 124 competitors from 14 nations are testing themselves in Nage-no-kata; Katame-no-kata; Ju-no-kata; Kime-no-kata and Kodokan-Goshin Jutsu, 48 of which are Italian. Both, juniors and seniors will have the honour to contest their knowledge at the Palazzetto Cello Sport centre.

Author: Thea Cowen