11 March 2016


Judo Festival 2016 Porec


The excitement continues during our journey as we are discovering all the fantastic opportunities which the well famed Judo Festival has on offer for our visitors. We are about to discover crucial information regarding the Kids Camp.

The Judo Kids Camp program invites all children to improve their judo skills together with others. Those involved, will have the opportunity to learn variety of judo games and some basic techniques, all blended in fun and family factors.

Russian judo expert and Kids Camp project leader, Yuri Krischuk explained the reason he likes to be implicated within, “Young children have the opportunity to train with their parents to develop their judo skills. So there is a better understanding between children and their parents.”

The Kids Camp program originally started with as ‘Judo and Family’ program years ago like a separate venture which than perfectly fall into the agenda of the Judo Festival. “The ‘Judo and family’ program based on the common trainings for children and parents together. Within these trainings the parents play several roles as follows: partner, personal coach, learner”, explained Krischuk.

The different trainings include ukemi exercises; special exercises for skills development, which is necessary for further learning of judo; exercises to improve coordination and general physical condition. Krischuk discribed his previous experiences during the past two years – since Kids Camp is on the agenda of the Judo Festival – “I experienced children and parents have positive emotions when coaches change within a training. For example, within an hour and half session we would change each other every 15 minutes with my colleges.”

“I think that all people who are engaged within the organization of the festival should make maximum efforts to involve as many families as possible from different European countries and judokas U15 as well. I also think that EJU experts should involve coaches, who could possible attend with U8 and U15 participants to work on the tatami”, he added.

For the last 2 years, Krischuk have been organizing the trainings according to the following scheme:

2 coaches work on one tatami with 2 different groups (1 coach for 1 group):

 – children (under 10 years old) with parents

 – children (11-15 years old) without parents

“Within the training sessions of the Kids Camp, parents have the opportunity to see how ‘older’ children train and so they somehow understand how their children will train in the future and what tasks they will have to carry out”, Krischuk concluded his thoughts.