7 March 2018


Judo Festival, Poreč, Croatia - 10th to 21st June 2023


A once in a lifetime opportunity will presented in Porec (Croatia) between 9-12 June 2018 at the annual Judo Festival. During this unique occasion, a Kodokan Kata Seminar will be delivered by two Kodokan Experts, Mr. Mukai and Mr. Murata. Both of them are eminent coaches from the Kodokan. In Porec, they will present NAGE NO KATA and KATAME NO KATA. Kodokan certificates will be awarded to all participants and for those who are wishing to take the KODOKAN EXAMINATION will also receive a certificate mentioning the level of attainment. For those interested in kata competition, members of the EJU expert kata commission will be at present. They represent World and European Champions within their own specialty, kata. Participants will be able to discuss, train with, and observe these champions in action. 

Mario Krvavac

The Judo Festival is a magnificent opportunity to spend time with the family whilst each family member given the opportunity to choose an activity best suited for each of them, yet, at the same time, remain together in one big close-friendly Judo Family; because “Judo is more than sport!”