14 July 2013

Lively and useful Administration and Organisation Seminar in Vienna

Lively and useful Administration and Organisation Seminar in Vienna

Last Friday and Saturday 12-13 July the Administration and Organisation Seminar was held in Vienna. The capital of Austria is the city where the EJU headquarters in based and with its central position an ideal basis for the seminar. Most organisers of the EJU events where present to get explanation of the ideal scenario’s of organising competitions.

The event was hosted by the Austrian Judo Federation and the group was welcomed by Austrian Judo Federation President  Hans Paul Kutschera. The praeses is also vice-president of the EJU as head of marketing. All marketing matters were excellently explained by the Director of the EJU Head Office Martin Poiger. The organisers were showcased good points and those who need to be improved to make another step higher for our sport that has now been promoted to a higher group in the Olympic status.

The seminar continued with more explanation on the treasury status regarding events explained by EJU General Treasurer Tóth Lászlo. Many things have in common that the registry goes via the JUMAS system. Martina Ziehengraser explained the do’s and don’t of JUMAS, the registration system of the EJU. She compared an athlete ID with a fingerprint, unique data.

Vice President Sport Michal Vachun stressed the importance of judo being a top sport and the participation of so many nations at the Olympic Games made judo the third sport at the Olympic Games behind Athletics and Swimming regarding country participation. Also the importance of IJF President Vizer being elected as SportAccord president is a great gift for our sport with such great values.

Vachun reviewed briefly the successes of last year’s events, not only sportive but also organization wise. The number of participating nations and judoka in European Cups for Juniors and Cadets is very impressive. Assisted by Sports Director Hrvoje Lindi all events were clearly analysed and in some cases changed to improve the level for the ambitious juniors and cadets. Also the U23 European Championships got the attention and were explained why this is such important event.

Also important organisational assets such as Doping was explained by EJU General Secretary Envic Galea who showed the aspects of the Adams system.

Fortunately the participants received a welcome bag with lots of tools to make notes, and they needed it. Media Director Hans van Essen gave a presentation on the efforts made in his sector, part of the marketing department with regard to coverage of the events. Van Essen explained how to ‘sell’ your event to the media and to the fans that got used to a certain level nowadays. Not only the tips for judo publicity but mainly the awareness and mindset that fans and events should get the necessary attention was an important lesson.

Nico van Dijk gave an excellent practical Workshop for the computer experts among the participants on the next day with lots of practical tips how to run an event from the technology side. The other part of the participants walked through the 2014 calendar to confirm the forthcoming events and noted the changes and ambitions of some federations in next year’s calendar.

Michal Vachun thanked the Austrian Judo Federation and specifically General Secretary Paul Fiala for the excellent organisation and the federations enjoyed the participation with so many well prepared topics. Definitely a motivation to come back next year and showcase the improvements to a higher level next year in Vienna.

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