24 August 2012

Market share of Europe at Olympics increased

Market share of Europe at Olympics increased

After the successful Olympic Games for Europe, the market share in medals increased compared to 2008. A study since 1996 shows the top nations in judo.

The market share of total medals in judo over all Olympic Games is 100%. Of the previous four editions of the Olympic Games (1996-2008) Japan had more than 16% of the medals, followed by France and Korea both with 8.21%.

With the 2012 Olympic Games, Japan decreased to a share of 15.1%, France
with seven medals increased to 8.57, followed by Korea 8.29%
Russia was ranked ninth before the Olympic Games with 3,27% of all medals. Now it increased to 4,71%.
In the men’s division Japan is ranked first with 14% of all medals. Korea is ranked second, certainly after the two gold medals at the Olympic Games. France is third in the male ranking as best male European nation. Russia moved up to the fourth placed with 7.5 percent of all medals since 1996.

If you watch the last five Olympic Games and sort not on market share, but performances based on the population, Cuba is leading the ranking. However despite the gold medal of Ortiz and silver of Gonzalez, the share of Cuba is not what it was. Taking the population into account, Japan is still ranked 2. Georgia and Korea follow and Mongolia is an expected top five nation.

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