National Judo Federation of Great Britain

National Judo Federation of Great Britain

Kudhail House
238 Birmingham Road, Great Barr
B43 7AH Birmingham, West Midlands
United Kingdom
+44 121 728 6920
Mr. Ronnie SAEZ
Mr. Ronnie SAEZ
Advisory Board

Mr. George KERR - Honorary President
Mr. Colin DRAYCOTT - Vice President
Mr. Richard BARRACLOUGH - Vice President
Mr. Mick LEIGH - Vice President
Mr. Brian DAVIES - Vice President
Mr. Tony SWEENEY - Vice President
Mr. Andrew SCOULAR - Chief Executive, General Secretary

Executive Committee

Mr. Peter BLEWETT - Board Director, Performance Pathway
Ms. Loretta CUSACK - Board Director
Mr. Bill TAGGART - Board Director
Ms. Malgorzata GRZYB - Board Director
Mr. Andrew HAFFNER - Board Director
Mr. Fred PROSSER - Board Director
Ms. Claire LISH – Board Director
Mr. Graham CAMPBELL – Board Director
Mr. Ryan WILKINSON – Board Director

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