6 June 2013

More than 1000 participants at the European Championships for Veterans

European Championships Veterans

More than 1000 participants at the European Championships for Veterans

One week in advance of the European Championships for Veterans the milestone of 1,000 participants has already been past. Veterans from various ages from many nations in Europe have registered for one of the biggest Veteran events ever. In terms of participation it will be the biggest event of the year.

The tournament will be held at the French Judo Federation Judo Institute, big enough to host six tatami. At the championships the tradition is that many friendships are closed. Many friends will be united again, completely in the atmosphere of the EJU’s 65th anniversary under the motto: “65 years United on the tatami.”

The Education Sports Commission is looking forward to the event. Education Director Johnny Kullenberg: “It will be a great event in Paris. The French will be there with 500 participants, can you believe that! Many Russian veterans will come to the capital of France and just like last year in Opole (POL), the European Championships for veterans will be a great event to promote the values of judo, friendship is one of the important factors that connects all veteran fighters.”

Jean-Luc Rouge, the President of the French Judo Federations adds: “These Championships, a privileged meeting place, are favourable for judo and human exchanges. For those involved in this adventure, it’s an exceptional opportunity to acquire an invaluable and irreplaceable experience in Paris, thus contributing to a better understanding of judo in its reality and its values and humanistic culture.”

The individual tournament will start at 13 June until 15 June, the team event will be held at 16 June.

Below you can find the first draft of participants. Check if your friends are among the participants as well!

Watch all participants here: