26 July 2023


European Youth Olympic Festival 2023


The second day of the European Youth Olympic Festival was full of excitement and sensational throws. Competitors in the female weight categories -48kg and -52kg took to the mat today, while male competitors fought for honours in the -60kg and -66kg categories. Almost to the last place in the packed hall in Maribor “Human Garden”, there was no shortage of quality fights.

Today’s gold medals were shared among team Azerbaijan, Georgia and Romania.

Vusala HAJIYEVA (AZE) © Gabi Juan

In the -48kg category, the gold medal was won by the competitor from Azerbaijan, Vusala HAJIYEVA, who defeated Aitana DIAZ HERNANDEZ (ESP) with an ippon. Hajiyeva recorded three more victories today, she was better than Lorena MANDA (ROU), Janka JUTTNER (HUN) and Celia MAILLARD (FRA).

Tudor MOSOI (ROU) © Gabi Juan

Romanian Tudor MOSOI and Lithuanian Simas POLIKEVICIUS met for the gold medal in the -60kg category, who gave us a real show today. Today, throughout the competition, Mosoi demonstrated that he is on the great path of a complete fighter. In the third minute of the final, he launched with tsuri-goshi, which brought him a waza ari and a gold medal in the final.

Thank you very much for this opportunity to express myself. I wasn’t thinking about a medal, I wanted to fight with passion and without pressure. I’m very proud of myself and now I just want to celebrate with my friends.

Today, Mosoi registered a total of five victories to his name, in addition to this one in the final fight, he was even better against Roman DEKAN (SVK), Magni LAURITZEN (DEN), Mahammad MUSAYEV (AZE) and the semi-final Sebestyen KOLLAR (HUN). At the end of August, the World Cadet Championships in Zagreb are approaching, can we expect the same from Mosoi then?

I will have the same mindset like here in Maribor, I will not think about the medal, I will only think about what I love, my passion. I’m very passionate about music as well, all kinds of music, classical, hip-hop. This is what makes me de-attached from everything else.

Khadizha GADASHOVA (AZE) © Gabi Juan

In the final fight of the -52kg category, we had another chance to watch the Azerbaijan – Spain duel, this time in the fight between Khadizha GADASHOVA and Adrian SAEZ HEVIA. Gadashova went on the offensive from the very beginning, brilliantly made the transition to ne-waza and received osae-komi, then placed ude-gatame and forced her opponent to give up the fight.

Mate GVELESIANI (GEO) © Gabi Juan

Georgian Mate GVELESIANI won the gold medal in the -66kg category, but not in the way he imagined. Due to an injury, the Croatian Luka KATIĆ was forced to give up the fight due to an injury, that is, he was unable to participate in it. The Georgian previously registered four victories, the best today was against Pawel PLUTA (POL), Juraj ODKLADAL (SVK), Stepan FISER (CZE) and Jasur IBADLI (AZE).

How much quality the Georgian guy showed at the medal ceremony, and carried the Croat through the entire hall because he couldn’t move due to an injury. Judo is really more than a sport, and with athletes like this we don’t have to worry about a great future.

Luka KATIĆ (CRO) & Mate GVELESIANI (GEO) © Gabi Juan

After the second day of the competition, the first place in the overall standings was taken by the national team of Georgia, in second place was Azerbaijan, while the third position was occupied by Spain.


Author: Mario Krvavac