15 July 2012

Namik Ekin breaks world record !

Namik Ekin breaks world record !

The highly reputated veteran today in 10.30h (09.30h CET) finished his 24-hour mission of throwing nage komi.

Namik Ekin broke the record as the oldest man who succeeded to throw 4627 times. Ekin is 70 years-old and he already set a few records in his career.

Immediately when the record finished Namik Ekin celebrated with young girl judoka who threw him two times. Namik Ekin was congratulated by EJU General Treasury dr. Laszlo Toth and EJU Sports Director Pavel Yasenovski.

As special prize Namik Ekin received from the Turkish Judo Federation 15.000 Turkish Lira (7.000€) and will yearly receive 5000 euro from The Guiness record organisation.

The European Judo Union would like to congratulate Namik Ekin for this great success !

Watch an Interview with Namik Ekin here:

Pictures of the record you can be found here: