22 October 2020


The Ukrainian Judo Federation held their committee elections and have announced a new President of the federation, who will lead for the next four years up until Paris 2024.

Mykhailo Koshlyak was elected as the new President and will be the leading role for the Ukrainian team in to the next Olympic cycle, heading not only the elite, high performance team, but the judo community as a whole, with future superstars fighting their way through.

Vasyl Voloshin was elected as the first Vice-President with Sergey Kolesnichenko, Oleksandr Nagibin, and Mykhailo Rudenko were elected in Vice-President roles.

Furthermore, Nurulislam Arkallayev headed the Supervisory Board, which included Roman Nasirov, Vadym Pavlenko, Andriy Bondarchuk and Roman Gontyuk.

The title of Honorary Member of the Ukrainian Judo Federation was awarded to Vadym Pavlenko.

With strong representatives on the tatami, the Ukrainian judo community can be pleased knowing they have a strong team in their committee as well.

Mr. Mykhailo KOSHLIAK – President
Mr. Vasyl VOLOSHYN – First Vice President
Mr. Oleksandr NAGIBIN – Vice President
Mr. Sergey KOLESNICHENKO- Vice President
Mr. Mykhailo RUDENKO – Vice President
Mr Vitaly Dubrova Board Member
Ms. Nataliia REDKINA – General Secretary

Mr. Vitalii ROZHENKO – Executive Director

Author: Sören Starke