6 July 2013

New Project: EJU Experts available for seminars for teachers and clubs

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New Project: EJU Experts available for seminars for teachers and clubs

Recently the EJU introduced a new project: “EJU Expert 2013“. The continuous interest of young people for judo practice is one of the most significant tasks for development of our sport in Europe and worldwide. The project is based on a list of experts who have developed a technical program to educate the teachers of judo. Goal is to effectively motivate young people in the age of 8 to 12 years for continuing the training and to compete.

The project is scheduled to continue for next years with the focus on follow-up age groups 13 – 16 years. Federations can take advantage of the project by using our experts and to organise coach courses on the topic of children. Coach courses are held through whole Europe, but this is the opportunity to raise the level, to get the support of the best experts available and to motivate young people to continue with judo in their transition to competitions.

Watch our EJU experts here and take the opportunity to consult our team. They are available for teaching in seminars organised by National Federations for judo teachers/coaches. A club can also apply for a seminar and an expert through and with consent of the National Federation.

All experts are former top judoka, watch the photos of their active careers and now.

Read more on the details of the seminars in the outlines.