12 January 2018


OTC - "Going For Gold" Mittersill 2018


The annual OTC Mittersill began a few days ago and to say the judo World is in Austria right now would be very much accurate. Almost 1000 athletes from five continents are training day in and day out at the opening camp of the year.

For the first time, the Japanese team has joined the experience too. Although, only part of the Japanese National Team made it over to Austria, it still gives an enormous value to the event. In addition, hundreds of coaches from across the globe are out here to assist each and every training sessions.

Some of the WRL leaders are also at present in Mittersill, for instance, ABE Hifumi (JPN), Khasan KHALMURZAEV (RUS), Michael KORREL (NED) and Guusje STEENHUIS (NED). Moreover, legendary athletes such as Ilias ILIADIS and Kirill DENISOV are also spending their week in Austria.  

 From the matside, Dutch coach, Michael Bazinsky also shared his view;

“What is special about Mittersill? Well, First of all the tradition. This training camp started 25 years ago. The camp is also the start in a new season. It is without competition and this is excellent. That gives us fantastic condition to prepare us for the upcoming events.”  

Sport Director of the Austrian Judo Federation, Mr. Markus Moser expressed his gladness;

“We have record number of participants. We are very happy to welcome part of the Japanese National Team for the first time. It is a great opportunity at the beginning of the year. Teams and athletes from 5 continents and 47 nations are all here, this is amazing. OTC Mittersill is a great start to the new Olympic cycle which will begin in April.”

Despites the OTC, there are coaching as well as referee seminars are taking place which we will reveal more about in the upcoming days.