27 October 2009

New regulations of backnumbers active per 1 january 2010

New regulations of backnumbers active per 1 january 2010

Not everyone is aware of the new rules regarding the backnumbers and more important regarding the penalties given if the athletes and federations don’t act according these rules yet. A disqualifiction could be the result and EJU wants to prevent athletes to be disqualified. Therefore EJU provides once more the rules. You can find the documents below in this article, but below we explain the situation in a few steps.

PART 1 Name and Country Code
1. Every Athlete has to order his personal original backnumber with Name and Country through http://www.mybacknumber.com
2. Only with this original identification it is allowed to compete in IJF and EJU events. Self prepared or copied identifications are not allowed. In this case there will be disqualification.
3. The service for ordering starts on 1. of November via http://www.mybacknumber.com only.
4. The order process is allowed for Federations, Athletes and clubs. It must not be done only through the federation.
5. Please mind to order some reserve numbers.
6. Beginning of 1. January 2010 every athlete has to prepare his personal identification at home. He has to arrive for every competition with prepared Name and Nation identification. If he arrives unprepared it is not allowed to compete.

PART 2 Competion name/advertising
1. EJU is busy to market the advertising space at the moment.
2. If EJU is successful Federations organizers will receive the backnumbers in time of the EJU.
3. If there is no sponsor from EJU organizers can sell the space for a National Sponsor. Result 50/50 EJU/Federation.
4. If there is no sponsor on behalf of the EJU or organizers of the home country than athletes must use the Logo ‘EJU more than sport’ as stated in the documents below. This logo must be made available from the organizer of the event.
5. In any case the production of the advertising part will be done only through EJU.
6. After 15 January EJU knows more about sponsors and can provide full information.
7. We have a solution for the advertising. This is a new product with cold gum. It is attached to the Kimono in 15 seconds and can be used for one time only. This will save a lot of money for organisers and also saves time for the athlete. Also organisers don’t have to spend time in future in this matter.

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