17 November 2023


Eramus + Project "Jita Kyoei 2"


An incredible event was hosted in Lisbon between the 14th and 15th of November, the second Transnational Project Meeting of Eramus + Project “Jita Kyoei 2”  at the Portuguese centennial club GCP. Sharing their love for the judo values and Jita Jyoei, Romania’s Olympic champion, Alina Dumitru, Olympic medallist and world champion, Frédéric Demontfaucon of France and Olympic medallist Nuno Delgado of the host nation came together.

The European Judo Union is a partner of this project and was represented by the Education Team led by Director Ronnie Saez and Commissioner Delgado, also the French Federation is part of the partners led by Education director Demontfaucon, the coordinator is the Slovenian Club from Ljubljana, Club SportnodrustvoGIB and well renowned Judo Club Liberty from Romania, in total, eight partners from six countries. 

This meeting was very important and achieved to set four judo values that better define the principle of judo “Jita Kyoei” and that this project is set to work on during the next three years; Trust, Self Realisation, Responsibility and Pro-activity. During this year, the European Judo Union is already promoting the ‘Value of the Month’, adding these four values to the eight values of the Judo Moral Code.  

The role of the EJU is to monitor the quality label model for club and coaches, as well as criteria and methodology for this project to be successfully implemented in Europe in the next three years. 
Currently, the European Union is involved in 2 Erasmus + projects, both related to the judo values “Jita Kyoei 2 – Together for a better society” and ” European Week of Judo Values – Play for Peace”, involving many judo champions on the tatami and in life.

Author: Thea Cowen