7 May 2023


Goygol Cadet European Cup 2023


Author: Azerbaijan Judo Federation

During the competition days of the Goygol European Cup, Rustam ORUJOV, the silver medallist of the 2016 Olympic Games and a newly appointed member of the Athletes’ Commission of the European Judo Union, participated in the tournament to not only showcase his skills but also support the development of judo in the region and provide guidance to young athletes (cadets).

Orujov emphasized the significance of holding the tournament in Goygol, stating that it was a historical event for the region. He mentioned that the Azerbaijan Judo Federation’s initiative to organize an international tournament with the participation of 18 countries in Goygol would contribute significantly to the development of judo in the area and demonstrate its potential on the international stage, despite some logistical challenges.

The future of Azerbaijan. © Ulker Abbasova

As an experienced athlete, Orujov understands the importance of international tournaments, such as the Goygol European Cup, for the career growth of cadets. He acknowledges that he had his share of failures during his teenage years participating in similar events but never lost his motivation and worked harder to become the accomplished athlete he is today. He encourages young athletes to never give up on their dreams and continue working tirelessly towards their goals.

Rustam ORUJOV is not only a hero for Azerbaijan but is a symbol of the judo values, accepting both wins and losses with grace. He is an example to the younger generation. © Emanuele Di Feliciantonio

Orujov expressed his pride in his recent appointment to the Athletes’ Commission of the European Judo Union, which he considers an opportunity to contribute to the development of judo continuously. He looks forward to collaborating with other experienced athletes to improve the conditions for athletes and support the growth of judo in the region by providing recommendations and ideas.


Author: EJU Media