14 July 2011

OTC support list for Minsk available

OTC support list for Minsk available

EJU Head of Sports Directors Densign White has revealed the list of athletes that will be supported for the next Olympic Training Camp in Minsk.

The OTC’s are meant to give the ultimate basis for good European results and therefore the European Judo Union wishes to give the best opportunities to its teams’ of athletes, coaches and referees to prepare themselves in the best conditions for the Olympics in London 2012.

This will be achieved by supporting a series of eight travelling training camps this season at a variety of locations within the European geographical area as specified above, and the EJU will cover the full cost of any athlete who is in the top three of the world ranking list.

The 3 highest from the WRL are supported plus in addition to that there is a second support list for potential and small country athletes.

WRL upto Moscow GS has been used to decide the supported EJU athletes for OTC in Minsk OTC 17/22 July.

OTC will follow in London at 8/12 August and Rome OTC 16/30 September and Madrid at 4/11 November.