26 April 2019


Cadet European Judo Cup - Berlin, Germany


Although April is the month of the Continental Championships, our juniors and cadets continue their robust back to back routine with their European tour. This weekend will stage one of the most competitive cadet event of the EJU calendar, the Berlin Cadet European Cup. Over 600 athletes from 33 nations will compete at the German capital. With only two months away from the 2019 Cadet European Judo Championships, the importance of each event advances.

The host nation will represent their cadet skills with almost 200 judoka. Amongst, the two highest world ranked judoka are Lilly RICHTER who is #6 in the -63kg category and Anna Monta OLEK who is currently places #5 in the -70kg category. WRL leader of the -57kg category, Florentina IVANESCU (ROU) will aim to lead Romania for golden glory. Same applies to WRL leader of the -63kg category, Tatiana GUZUN (RUS), WRL #1 of the -66kg category, Abrek NAGUCHEV (RUS) and WRL #1 of the +90kg category, Nodar ONOPRIENKO (RUS). Italy is also bringing one of their top ranked judoka, namely, Vincenzo SKENDERI (ITA), who will be competing in the -55kg category.

Apart from Italy and Russia, The Netherlands, Portugal and Great Britain will also be arriving with a large team. Moreover, athletes from as far as Brazil will be taking part at the event. The tournament will be held at Sportforum Berlin-Hohenschönhausen with a 3days camp followed by according to tradition. Good luck to all participants.

The event will be streamed live.