6 August 2010

Overwhelming European participants in Kodokan Summer courses

Overwhelming European participants in Kodokan Summer courses

In July two summer kata courses were given in the Japanese Kodokan. The Kodokan Institute, is the headquarters of the worldwide judo community. The Kodokan was founded in 1882 by our founder Kano Jigoro and is now located in an eight-story building in Tokyo.

The two courses for kata and techniques were held from 20 July until 26 July and from 27 July until 31 July. Each course had approximately 300 participants. In the last course 63 European judoka participated, as well as 41 judoka outside Japan, of other continents. One of the participants was EJU president Sergey Soloveychik.

In the first course even an overwhelming number of more than 100 participants of EJU countries took part in an international field of experienced fighters, who are still eager to learn the old school Japanese skills.

The followings are the numbers of participants from Europe for the Summer Course 1 “Kata” and 2 “Technique”.

Summer Course 1 “Kata”
Italy: 33, The Netherlands: 31, Germany: 13, Russia: 5, France: 4, Belgium: 4, Russia: 4, Sweden: 3, Portugal: 3 and Spain: 1.

Summer Course 2 “Technique”
Italy: 26, Germany: 16, Russia: 8, The Netherlands: 5, France: 2, UK: 2, Spain: 2, Switzerland: 1 and Finland: 1.

The courses include the theories and practice of judo, and matters of general education. The course is divided into two parts: a general course for novices, and special courses for those who have completed the general course or its equivalent.

The Kodokan is the mecca of international Judo. The eight floor building is equipped with things necessary for Judo and research. It consists of a building of 8 stores with 1200 mats, a museum, conference rooms and a research center.

You can see the pictures of the course in our media gallery: