31 August 2023



Prior to each edition of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the local organising committee (LOC) test a certain sum of their systems which they are planning on implementing at the event itself. This is a routine practice to limit operational risks and ensure that each event runs smoothly. These rehearsals help the LOC the enable to understand any adjustments needing to be made before the big day. The events are very similar, yet not identical, to what the general public will witness at the time of Paris 2024, therefore, these so-called ‘test events’ are taking place at competition venues in the months leading up to the Games.  

There are three types of test events for Paris 2024:

Judo falls under the last group and it covers highly targeted tests carried out directly by Paris 2024, which in some cases may or may not require athletes to participate. The aim is, for example, to confirm that the venues function accurately and can accommodate a smooth transition between each sports allocated there.   

From inside the Champ de Mars Arena. © Gabi Juan

The Champ de Mars Arena in Paris goes under spotlight for the next two days with the test event for judo. Unlike at previous Olympic cycles, where it was an international event, this function will feature an unofficial competition with U17 French judoka and no spectators. The following schedule will allow to complete all major testings:

National Federations (NFs) were invited to observe the event, an offer, which the majority of them will be taking advantage of.

Author: Szandra Szogedi