28 March 2013

Participate in the European Veteran Championships in Paris

European Championships Veterans

Participate in the European Veteran Championships in Paris

At 13-15 June the European Championships for Veterans take place in Paris. A big event where more than 1,000 participants are expected. Centrally held in Paris it will attract many veteran judoka. You can be a part of the event if your federations subscribe the number of participants before 10 April.


From the origins, Jigoro Kano desired that our discipline judo, a real “school of life,” exceptional method of physical and moral education, accessible to all public, from the youngest to the oldest.

The French Judo Federation, with more than 600 000 members of all ages by organising, these Championships (individual and team competitions) in Paris at the Judo Institute, fits directly in this philosophy.

These European Veteran Championships give the meaning and the clarity to the complex adventure of learning judo overall and thus give a great motivation contributing positively to personal development and fulfillment of judoka.

These Championships, a privileged meeting place, are favourable for judo and human exchanges. You can be part of this irreplaceable experience in Paris and contribute to a better understanding of judo in its reality and its values and humanistic culture.

This event is a great opportunity to perform the judo skills and meet the friends, to spend one more time in close communication, to improve friendship and mutual understanding of Judo.

Join the European Championships in Paris and register to become a part of this great event.

Enjoy the PICTURES of the last edition held in Opole, Poland and make sure you are well prepared to be among the best fighters of Europe in your age category.

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