8 June 2013

Participate in the High Grade Seminar on the French Riviera!

Participate in the High Grade Seminar on the French Riviera!

From 23 until 28 June, the annual high-grade black belts seminar will be organised by the French Judo Federation. What a place to be at La-Londe-les-Maures on the French Riviera. The topic of the seminar is: 

« Teaching and transmitting judo culture »

The host of the seminar is Michel Brousse

vice-president of the French Judo Federation

Brousse is gifted with a unrivalled knowledge of judo history. He will bring all the experts in the world of judo for you:

Don’t miss this line-up of experts with uncountable amount of Dan grades! The seminar is open to high-grade holders (6th dan and above).

Please mind that your National Federation must validate the participation.

The Nearest international airports are: Toulon-Hyères (10 km), Marseille (120 km) or Nice (150 km) in the south of France.

The start will be at 23 June at 16:00h and is planned to end at 28 June at 11:30h.

Contact for information and registration:

[email protected] and [email protected]

Tel.: +33 1 40 52 16 35


Accommodation: in double room full board basis – 550 €/person (250 € deposit is required during the registration for guaranteeing the participation)


ODALYS, L’ILE D’OR 395, Chemin de l’Argentière –83250 La-Londe-les-Maures

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