4 March 2024


Podgorica Junior European Cup 2024


Podgorica hosted the U23 Europeans back in 2017 and accommodated the Balkan Championships two years ago. This year, under the leadership of President Mr. Jovica REČEVIĆ, the National Judo Federation of Montenegro officially re-joins the EJU calendar. 

Mr. Rečević took office in 2021 with big dreams which are being fulfilled one step at the time. Amongst is this weekend’s junior European cup where almost 230 judoka from 28 nations are going to be gathering in the capital. President, Mr Rečević is thrilled to have achieved this milestone; 

The journey to bring the EJU competition back to our shores has been one of dedication, resilience, and collective effort. its required a lot of work, dedication and persistence to return our association to the EJU calendar. It symbolizes not just the passion for judo within our country but also our commitment to the international judo community. Hosting 226 competitors from 28 countries across 3 continents, in Podgorica, is a testament to the universal spirit of judo that transcends borders, cultures, and languages.

The hard work involved in organizing such a significant event, especially after such a long interval, highlights the strength and determination of our team and partners. This competition is a milestone in our mission to grow judo in Montenegro and beyond, showcasing the sport’s values of respect, honor, and perseverance.

As we gather to witness the talent and sportsmanship of judo athletes from around the world, let us also reflect on the broader impact of this event. It is a powerful platform for personal growth, fostering international friendships, and promoting peace through mutual understanding. Our aim is to inspire every participant and spectator with the true essence of judo, encouraging them to carry these values forward in their lives.

We are grateful to EJU President, Dr Laszlo Toth and his associates for the trust shown and I am sure that this is only the introduction to the organisation of even bigger events from the EJU calendar.

A three-days training camp will follow the event from next Monday. This is not it, as further on the city of Podgorica reappears on our calendar when hosting a senior European Cup during autumn. Both events will test for even bigger plans which is to be revealed later this year. 

Welcome back Podgorica! 

Author: Szandra Szogedi