10 June 2024


Porec EJU OTC 2024


Between the 10th and 26th of June, countless athletes, coaches, commissions and specialists will be flocking to the stunning Istrian Peninsula to participate in one of three events; EJU OTC, EJU Cadet Training Camp or the EJU Judo Festival 2024. The Plava Laguna resort welcomes well over over 1000 Festival participants annually, and 2024 marks the seventh edition in Croatia, with the previous two held in Türkiye.

All events will begin today, and for many of the senior athletes on the EJU OTC, this will make up part of their final preparation before the Olympic Games and for the cadets, their European Championships looms at the end of this month.

As always, the Judo Festival itinerary is brimming with possibility; CJF Workshops for Federations, Scientific and Professional Conference, Kids and Family Camp as well as the Adapted Judo Camp. Additionally, a new element has been added to the festival, a Project Showcase and Networking event. Find out all about the latest addition here! Registration closes on the 15th of June.

President of the Croatian Judo Federation, Dr Sanda CORAK © Carlos Ferreira

President of the Croatian Judo Federation, Dr Sanda CORAK, is delighted to welcome the judo community back to Poreč for another wonderful summer,

From the beginning of organising Judo Festival the main intention was to show that  “judo really is more than sport” and also to illustrate the multifaceted benefits of practicing judo. I would say that we succeeded in that with organisation of a variety of activities for children, families, those who practice adapted judo. But as we are approaching Olympic Games in Paris, the emphasis is on the OTC, as it is important for many elite judoka for preparations but also for relaxing along the seashore of Plava Laguna, Poreč. One more activity that is important is the scientific conference at the end of the Festival that will gather many renowned researchers and key note speakers from many universities, helping to reduce the gap between the academic research and judo practice.

Author: Thea Cowen