13 November 2023


European Judo Championships U23 Potsdam 2023


The European Judo Championships U23 2023 will take place this week, 17-19 November in Potsdam, Germany. Over 300 judoka from 39 nations will compete for the title. As we gather, yet for another continental championships, we also celebrate the return of such an event to Germany after two decades. The President of the European Judo Union, Dr TOTH Laszlo, shares the same view.

Dear Judo Family and Friends,

Let me convey to you all my warmest welcome to Potsdam, Germany for the U23 European
Championship 2023. It is our immense pride and pleasure to return to Germany after two decades
with an individual European Championship. By bringing back such a crucial event to this wonderful
country, we hope to inspire many aspiring German judokas and we aim to promote judo in Germany
as well.

We are delighted to have all athletes, spectators, and enthusiasts gathered here for this outstanding
competition. As the anticipation builds and the mats are prepared, we are eager to witness the
incredible displays of skill, determination, and sportsmanship that will unfold over the course of this

Judoka from all across Europe have come together to showcase their prowess and compete at their
highest level. As the competition unfolds, let’s remember that it’s not just about winning, but also
about the growth achieved through each match. To the participants, your dedication and hard work have brought you to this stage. Embrace every moment, give your all, and leave it all on the tatami. To the supporters in the stands, your presence and cheers contribute to the vibrant atmosphere that makes this event special.

I wish all the best to the judokas, coaches, officials, volunteers, staff, and everyone involved in the
event. All of your efforts and hard work are recognized and greatly appreciated by the European
Judo Union.

I am wishing everyone a prosperous and fair competition, good health, and may all of you have a
great experience in Potsdam!

The three day event will showcase the individual contests as well as the mixed team event. The following provisional program below is set out to begin from Thursday. However, the schedule of the contests may be modified according to the total number of entries or TV requirements.

The CEO of German Judo Federation, Mr. Frank DOETSCH, wishes all a pleasant stay in Potsdam.

Dear judo friends,

The German Judo Federation and the entire German judo community welcome judoka from all over Europe. It is an honour for us to host this event. The best European judoka under the age of 23, their coaching staff and the delegations will ensure a competition at the highest level for fans and spectators in the MBS Arena in Potsdam.

Our federation will organise a successful event together with the Brandenburg Judo
Association, the UJKC Potsdam and many volunteers and full-time employees and with a
big support of the federal state of Brandenburg and its capital, the city of Potsdam.
Germany is a sports nation and with the European Judo Championships U23 we will present
the international judo sport in our country. We would like to embody the slogan “Judo –
more than sport!” to the outside world.

Finally, we would like to thank EJU-President Dr. László Tóth and his whole team for
trusting us to host this event. Further thanks go to the local authorities and all supporters
and helpers. We wish you all a successful championships and a pleasant stay in Potsdam!.
I would like to thank Dr. Laszlo Toth President of the European Judo Union for the confidence shown in the assignment of the event and the local authorities for the support provided to the organisers.

All action will be live online on https://judotv.com. Good luck to all participants.

Author: Szandra Szogedi