16 November 2020


EJU Ordinary Congress (Online)


Today, the EJU Member Federations received the EJU congress agenda, – which will be held on the 16th of December – reports and finally, candidacies for the names of General Secretary, General Treasurer and President, as well as the team of the Executive Committee. 

President Mr Sergey Soloveychik is very proud of current team during this Olympic cycle, 

During the last four years, the team of the EJU has demonstrated the ability to be tight-knit and united, the cooperation between the EJU Executive Committee, offices, commissions and EJU Member Federations has been good and friendly. So, when this year the judo family together with all humanity faced a big challenge and our Member Federations were struggling with many issues, lacking stability and assurance, we believe that it would be wise to preserve a current well-established collaboration.

After Dr. Hans-Paul Kutschera (AUT) voluntary resigned from the position of EJU Vice President of Marketing, we have invited Mr. Otto Kneitinger (GER) to lead the Marketing sector. Otto has vast experience and a proper understanding of marketing matters plus a long and happy history within the EJU, so I am confident he would be an asset to the EJU Executive Committee.

Two directors have agreed not to continue in the next term and on behalf of the European Judo Union I would like to thank Mr. Peter Frese (GER) and Mr. Ernesto Perez (ESP) for their dedicated collaboration and contribution into the work of the EJU Executive Committee.

Mr. Rumen Stoilov (BUL) has been invited to join the EJU Education sector as Education Director and Dr. Martin Poiger (AUT) will join the team of EJU Executive Committee as Director of the EJU Head Office and a true professional in this domain.

I am confident that the old-new team of the EJU would be a great benefit to our member federations. Next year we will hold a course for the Tokyo Olympics. In the same way as European judoka have adapted their preparation, we acquire new experience and will gear towards the new reality. Another priority of EJU activity will be to focus on the development and inclusion of children’s judo after a period of mass restriction. 

Author: Thea Cowen