20 January 2024


IJF Refereeing & Coaching Seminar 2024 in cooperation with EJU


Before we kickstart the IJF World Tour and the final events of 2024 before the Olympic Games in Paris, all eyes are on Central Europe. The stage is set for the IJF Refereeing and Coaching Seminar 2024 in Györ, Hungary, down to the smallest detail. Taken care of by the President of the European Judo Union, Dr TOTH László, he ensured that tradition continued by even replicating the colours in the old videos from the Kodokan. 

Feeling a part of history, over 200 individuals entered the auditorium, and began the seminar, opened by President Toth, 

We are very happy to have you all here in Györ. I look around the auditorium and see the best referees as well as top coaches and leaders of our sport. Your power is your knowledge of judo. This aim of this seminar to fix and find answers to problematic situations, this weekend will make things clearer for everybody. 

I’m sure we will learn many things which will show us a clear way to the Paris Olympic Games, and remember that this is for the success of our athletes. Here we will find harmony, it is time for critiquing and solving. As well as all of you here, I would also like to welcome Jean Luc Rouge, Envic Galea and Juan Carlos Barcos to this seminar. Hajime. 

IJF Head Refereeing Director, Daniel LASCAU then introduced a number of key representatives to the seminar, explaining that one of the most important aspects of judo is education and so welcomed IJF Education and Coaching Director, Mohamed MERIDJA, who acknowledged just how difficult a topic this is, and wished those in attendance good luck. Next up, IJF Education Director, Dr Sanda CORAK stepped up, 

I am happy to be here and see so many people, and we fight hard for gender equality but today there is approximately 20% women and I hope with all of our activities we can progress with this ratio, and hopefully in the next seminar we see more women. 

Lascau continued, 

I can’t stress the importance of the event enough, we are here in Europe but this is affecting the world sport. I welcome colleagues from Europe, Pan America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. I am excited to see so many referees as well as national coaches and federation representatives. 

We will use this time to correctly evaluate what happens on the mat in this critical period before the Olympic Games. This time is important, coaches are dedicating their lives away from their families, federations are investing time and money, and most importantly, we are the world stage and have a big responsibility to show children the right way. 

Following these opening words, the panel began to analyse numerous videos with the attendees. The event will continue today and tomorrow, all of which is live streamed at JudoTV.com. 

Author: Thea Cowen