13 November 2012

Presidential election results Estonia and Germany

Presidential election results Estonia and Germany

Last weekend some changes were made in the boards of our European members. In Estonia a new board was elected to lead the Estonian Judo Association. The new President is Erik-Niiles Kross. He will take part and represent Estonian Judo Association at the EJU congress in Budapest. Kross is the successor of Tonu Toniste.

Furthermore the board consists of:
Vice-President Veljo Ipits and Board Members: Mark Luts, Riho Rannikmaa,Tauno Loodus, Talvit Priimägi, Mrs. Toni Eylandt and Eduard Tinn. They are supported by General Secretary Toni Meijel.

Peter Frese re-eclected in Germany
Also in Germany a new board was elected, although the seeding president Peter Frese was re-elected. On the congress of the German Judo Federation the Executive Committee was unanimously elected for the period 2013 – 2016.

Furthermore the board consists of:
Vice-Presidents: Lutz Pitsch, Prof. Dr. Rainer Ganschow, Michaela Engelmeier-Heite
Treasurer: Wolf-Dietrich Kurt
Youth Leader:Norbert Specker
Sports Director: Manfred Birod
General Secretary: Reinhard Nimz