5 November 2009

Preview Finnish Open in Vantaa

Preview Finnish Open in Vantaa

This weekend the Finnish Open will be held in the Energy Arena of Vantaa. More than 250 participants of 29 countries will be present in the south of Finland. This year the Finnish Open is one of the European Cup tournaments. Last weeks Swedish Open in Boras belongs to the European Cup circuit too.

Timo Peltola (FIN) won the Finnish three times in a row U100kg between 1998-2000. In the same period Elsa Frizell-Nilsson (SWE) was the most female successful foreign judoka with three wins a row too in the U63kg category. The most successful foreigner in the men’s category is Martin Padar (EST).
Of the last 11 editions since 1998 Finland won 22% of all Finnish Open titles. (32 of 146). Russia, Great Britain, Sweden and Canada are historically the top countries following Finland in the most titles.

Most successful foreigners:
Timo Peltola (FIN) 4 wins between 1998-2002
Martin Padar (EST) 4 wins between 2002-2006
Jaana Sundberg (FIN) 4 wins between 1998-2005

You can follow the Finnish Open here: http://www.judofinnishopen.fi/